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Pashan lake

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pashan lake fishing pune

Pune is a city of lakes,mountains,beaches,ghats and all the natural places you can think of.Recently I visited very beautiful Pashan lake which is 12 kms from the city center of Pune.It is a man-made lake,built to accommodate the water requirements of pashan suburbs.The place has been blessed with consummate natural beauty.

The picturesque locations all around make the place ideal for photography and landscape painting.Most importantly, Pashan Lake is famous as a kind of a sanctuary for hundreds of species of local and migratory birds.

How to reach?

You can rent a car or go by your own vehicle.It is very near to highway.

Best time to visit?

Winter and monsoon seasons are the best to visit and sunset and sunrise is the best time for photography.

Tips if you go 🙂

There are 2 ways if you enter from the main gate.One is specially for jogging and one is jungle trail where you will find only couples ;).I would prefer jungle trail 😛 well because you will see some amazing natural views and there are beautiful wooden benches on the trail where you can sit and enjoy the silence of nature.

If you love bird watching take a binocular with you and if you are a photographer then carry a zoom lens.

If you are planning to visit or you have any questions.
Tell me in the comments.

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