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Serenity to the infinity – Kihim beach

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I am in love with peaceful places and lonely beaches are one of them. When we walk along the beach, the ocean, taken by its power, its unceasing motion, its mystery and unspeakable beauty, draws us.Recently I experienced all these adjectives 🙂

It was a Thursday evening and I was sitting in my office thinking about my next weekend plan. There were couple of things in my mind. Pune is surrounded by lots of mountains and beaches and I was goggling about unexplored Pune.I don’t remember from where but I saw one picture of kihim and instantly fall in love with it.So I said to myself Lets go. Saturday morning I started a journey with a friend.

I usually follow Google maps and if incase if you miss a single road Google can mess up your journey 😉 This was not my first experience and still I allow Google to mess it up. Anyway so we missed one road via khopoli and we reached to Panvel and then after driving for almost 190 kms we reached to Kihim.Adventurous right? 😉 There are 2 roads, one is for alibaug and one is for all these four beaches.

From all the 4 beaches on this coastal line,Kihim is the first one.Then there are three more Varsoli,Mandwa and Awas in 10 kms area.Once we entered in a small village we asked for the direction for finding the place where we wanted to stay. It was a small cottage because I usually like home stays.You can find lots of hotels in a main market area.This was very very near to the beach so we loved it.

Evening in kihim is the most beautiful time you can spend.The beach is very peaceful and a bit rocky.It is a black water beach.You can swim if you want because it is not at all deep.I have seen the most scenic sunset here.There are some watersports activities also available.As we did not have much time to visit other places but a long walk with nariyal pani was enough for the perfect weekend feeling.

Overall Kihim is the best place to spend time with your partner, family, friends or just yourself.

Go and explore it ☺

Tips before you go :

•If you are going from Pune then via khopoli is the best way. There is a small turn for imagica on highway and that turn will lead you to Pen khopoli road.
•Winter sunsets are the best one so try to spend 2 evenings and cover more beaches if possible.
•If it is a normal weekend do not book in advance. Just call them and they can bargain for last minute 😉 We stayed at Arte cottage and you can find their number on Google.
•You will only get beer in kihim so take your booze with you.
•There is only one ATM in market place so take your cash because most of the places will not accept cards.

Sonali Arjun
Nice to meet you.This is Sonali and i love to travel and experience the beauty of earth.I believe that we are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home and share our stories with the world.

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